Painting the ceiling

Finding the Best Painting Contractor

Painting the exterior and interior is among the best ways to renovate the look of your house. If you have decided to paint your home, it is best to hire the best contractor in your town. Hiring a painting contractor sounds like an easy job, but the truth is, it is not as easy. This article will give you tips which will guide you in the selection of the best painting contractors Vancouver.

Family and Friends

Painting contractorAsking for referrals from the people around you is a wise step. You can seek help from a friend or relative who had their house painted recently. You will get a better understanding of the contractors in your area and the one they used. If you like the services of the contractor they used, you can use them as well.

If you use the same contractor used by someone you know, you will have the price and time estimates of the job. In many cases, if your reference liked their services, the chances that you will like them as well are high. Ask for their contacts and call them to discuss your project.

Previous Contracts

Another great way to analyze the work of a painting contractor is to ask them for their previous works. You can ask them for before, and after pictures of the house they painted before, giving you a clear picture of what you should expect. If you find out that their results match your imagination of a perfect painting, why not work with them?

To make the best selection, ask for portfolios from at least five contractors. Compare the quality of their work and cost. You see, some contractors are cheap but with poor quality work. Comparing what different contractors have to offer regarding cost and quality of work enables you to get value for your money.


Painting a wallA contractor who gives a warranty is confident about their work, and this is the kind of contractor you should be looking for. If they are sure of what they are doing they will stand by their work and offer you money back guarantee. Some experienced professionals will provide you with up to three years warranty for their work.

Unqualified contractors can never offer warranties because they are not sure of their work. Warranty is a tool to differentiate professional and unprofessional painters. Research is critical when searching for a contractor; reputable contractors will offer quality services at a reasonable fee.