Five Qualities of the Best Rented Holiday Apartments for Family

So you’ve decided to set out on a holiday with your family and instead of booking a hotel at your travel destination you’ve decided to look for a rented holiday apartment like the winter lets Estepona. While there is an abundance of choice available, you’re not able to make up your mind about what qualifies as a comfortable rented holiday home for your family. Luckily we’ve done our research, and we’ve listed down the top five qualities of the best-rented apartments for family.

Convenient Location

A holiday apartment cannot be considered the best of the lot if it does not have an excellent location. While you’re on holiday, you want to be able to stay close enough to the main attractions of the destination: not so close that you’ll end up paying for the apartment with your entire holiday budget. The holiday home should also have excellent connectivity to the city center or other tourist attractions in the city.


Manageable Rent

One of the biggest expense of any vacation is the cost of accommodation. While looking out for a rented holiday apartment for your family, keep in mind the cost of the apartments. You don’t want to spend too much on just your accommodation when you have several other activities you would like to take part in as well

Basic Amenities

While the idea of wanting to book a holiday home for your family might be noble, it might not be the most favorable decision. After all, when you book a hotel, you’re assured of the basic amenities like cutlery, towels and other toiletries.

On the other hand, you are not assured of any of these things when you rent a holiday home for your family. When booking one make sure the owner provides the basic amenities in the horn. It’s one of the five qualities of the best rented holiday apartments for family one should look for.


When picking a rented holiday apartment you have to take into consideration the space requirements of the family. Too small and instead of bonding, you will be quelling out fires of your children arguing. If the space is too large there won’t be any family time on the vacation, except maybe when you are outside on an activity together.

Choosing the right size can be tough, but it is a necessary part of the booking process. You need to find the right balance between comfortable and cozy. You’d know better than anyone what sort of apartment would make your family comfortable.

spacious room

Kitchen Equipment

Not many people cook while on holiday, but some would like nothing better than to have a nice home-cooked meal with the family on the trip. It would always be best to have a nice handy kitchen in a working condition with all the right equipment to prepare a family meal.